Friday, 28 August 2009


This post is about my 35th birthday. I may confess I really don't feel older, but tougher instead!!!

Before the birthday pictures, I would like to show this astonishing view of the Richmond Bridge during a quite unusual sunny day in Britain.
Well, the party was held at this particularly cute pub at the corner of Warwick Road and Ealing Common.

Victer and Fernanda regarded that as our "local pub" and I will not be unkind and disagree with them.

The attendance was above expected, as some of my so called friends were on trips abroad, inland etc. But I felt very honoured by the presences of my director Serikawa san and wife, Victer and Fernanda, Dominic & Zoe, Gaya and my wife of course.

I also wasn't expecting such nice presents, as this lovely bottle of sparkling wine from Serikawa san...
a pack of beers from Gaya in this beautiful, flashing and sparkling happy birthday bag...

And Zoe's and Dominic's present, which is...

which is...... well I'll show it later in the appropriate time.

The night went on very pleasantly and smoothly. The Japanese guests were very proud of the Japanese beer which is served at this pub (which is not very commom I may say).
And finally we sang happy birhtday, portuguese version, english version and gauchos version:
The sweets on which I am blowing the candles are indeed Brazilian brigadeiros. This is quite unusual I may admit, but we couldn't arrange an appropriate cake in time.

Beer no. 30 - Leffe
Abbaye Notre-Dame de Leffe - Dinant - Belgium

I remember back in Rio the day I bought this tasteful beer together with a Hoegaarden. Both were very pleasant to a completely beer naïve person. They were my entrance tickets to this amazing world of yeast and hops. Leffe is made by the persons who better understand of beer in the world: the monks. Yes they must do something good to the world after all, and that is beer (and of course lots of praying, but I am not very interested in that).

Leffe is a very fruitful beer and one of the few mass production beers which I like. And it is easy to find, even in the most remote and exoctic countries like... Brazil!!!

Now lets get back to Dominic's present:

It is this gorgeous and naughty pint glass, which I used straight away just after coming back from the pub (well it looks they didn't have enough beer at the pub lol).

And before Dominic reprehends me of calling his present naughty, let me explain why: It in fact holds MORE THAN A PINT OF LIQUID !!!! I LOVED IT !!!!!!